I Thought You Should Know

You would be surprised by just how long I have struggled with sharing this conclusion; since some would see it as being double minded if they didn’t really think it through. Upon recently rethinking this most serious doctrine and since it expresses my conclusions after much study and prayer on sharing the glorious truth of the “Ultimate” – (keyword) Universal Reconciliation and Salvation of all, as Paul puts it by the Spirit; when our “GOD will be The All in All” (1Cor. 15:28 YLT); I feel my readers should know my deepest thoughts on the whole matter. However, even though there is for sure, a heaven to gain; there is also a real hell to shun, what ere it may be; I must warn you. But take heart, God is not a monster and whatever hell one may endure; our Good God will be working as a refiners fire bringing forth a reflection of Himself in the purified silver and gold of our inmost being. The LORD created us for just such a thing. … More I Thought You Should Know

Have You Been Given Hell For Your Faith Today?

Today Christians of all types are enjoying fellowship around the world in all kinds of events, causes, and community gatherings. I appreciate how beautiful it is how they can fellowship and join forces in these many ways while they overlook their differences and agree on the basics of theology. What I don’t understand why we “Christian’ Universalist” cannot be accepted just as other faiths accept and respect one another knowing their serious differences. Just like them we have plenty of scripture, history, and reasoning to back up what we believe. But if someone wants to believe in eternal torment in hell, I say OK go ahead, maybe you have some need to. I don’t… but let’s live and let live, love one another and respect one another’s beliefs. We will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ or God. So let Him sort it out.One of my all time favorite hymns is Victory in Jesus! Did he win the victory? Did He defeat satan who would have you die and be destroyed? Did He accomplish His goal and mission to save the world? Or did He suffer so much and come up short? How Victorious is your Jesus? So how Big is your God? If your God is as BIG as mine; I wish I didn’t have to say this but; You Will have to dodge some flying rocks for believing it; I guarantee you!….
Besides all this, if I’m going to err I would rather err on the side of believing God is more loving, more powerful, more gracious, more forgiving, more merciful, bigger, better, more awesome, more successful and victorious than He really is. If God wants to condemn me for that; well so be it. Although I am assured that absolutely will not happen. I’m betting my eternal destiny on it!

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