You Should Know Hell


Did you know that the word “hell” as we today picture the meaning of it in our minds as we’ve been indoctrinated to believe it is some place with fire and brimstone for the eternal punishment of unbelieving sinners – is NOT IN THE BIBLE – ANYWHERE! A word meaning such a thing didn’t even exist in biblical times!

Historical Etymology

Even in the early etymology of the word hell when the word was used in the King James Version Bible the meaning didn’t fit the above scenario or anything like that! The word hell meant a hidden, covering, covered over or unseen place – THAT’S ALL! We get our word helmet and heel from the same source. They spoke of finding a place to hell (hide) or hell their potatoes for winter (cover them over) At the printing of the 1611 KJV it was actually a pretty good translation of the original Greek at the time.


The word came to mean what it does today from the imagination of ignorant preachers blasting their heated sermons from pulpits over the centuries. Although they can’t be held completely to blame. Their indoctrination came from an evil religious educational system instituted long before them for the purpose of instilling fear in the hearts of the common people. There are actually four Greek words translated as hell and none of them mean a place of fiery eternal torment. To keep this short I won’t go into detail but the word Jesus mostly used meant a garbage dump. (Gehenna)

The Scholars and Bible Translators Know

Actually many of the newer translators are working on changing this slowly as mainly church-goers can accept it; the world has been ready for it a long time… If you will notice many of the newer translations put the actual Greek word in a marginal note in the New Testament and have completely removed it from the Old Testament! Praise God!
Do some serious study and check me out. I could go into this in great depth here and  have before in other essays, many of them. Although I think rather than me spoon feeding you and your not being sure what I’m feeding you; I think it would do you much more good seeing these facts from the scholars works, dictionaries, word studies and such with your own eyes. This will take some serious effort on your part if you really want to know the truth you’re going to have to dig, read, study, think; your effort will be greatly rewarded with the peace that only comes by knowing the truth. There are many good biblical word study tools and dictionaries free online. Just go to one of these online bible study tools; Lumina is one, blue letter bible is one and Biblia is a good one; there are many other good ones. Just go to your favorite hell verse click on the word hell and read the dictionaries, commentaries and such. Search the word hell and look at it in many passages to get a full idea of the topic in it’s original intent. You will find conflicting views and don’t believe everything a commentary says especially if it doesn’t seem to be agreeing with what you saw it meant in the original language dictionary. I think you will find some GOOD NEWS!

hell froze over
Dennis D Caldwell

2 thoughts on “You Should Know Hell

  1. Oh Christian, dear Christian,
    With your eyes wide shut;
    Unwilling to see,
    How deep is your rut.

    Out of tradition you cling,
    To your man-made creeds,
    Stubbornly trusting in them,
    Though God’s grace set you free!

    His grace so abounds,
    If only you knew;
    That His love is His gift,
    It’s not what you do.

    You’ve boxed our God in,
    With the doctrines you teach;
    Limiting His grace,
    But never exceeding His reach.

    Our God is so faithful,
    To restore all things to Him;
    Yet His grace you refuse,
    His favor to win.

    Break down all the walls,
    Of the denominations you’ve built;
    And allow God’s love,
    To take away all of your guilt.

    He’s faithful you see,
    For His love knows no end;
    He yet knocks at the door,
    Won’t you please let Him in?

    He sent us His Son,
    To die in our place;
    That we be restored,
    Through His holy grace.

    Your works do no good,
    To earn you a place;
    At God’s holy throne,
    It’s His amazing grace!

    Your works do no good,
    His favor to win;
    He sacrificed His Son,
    To take away our sin.

    Oh let go of your creeds,
    Rush quickly to His arms;
    And receive His great gift,
    And be not alarmed.

    For it is man who has told you,
    (And you remember it well);
    That breaking God’s “rules”
    Will place you in “hell”.

    But “hell” is man-made,
    Not God’s will for man;
    He’ll restore ALL to Him,
    As only His Grace can.

    For our Father is fair,
    And He made us for Him;
    Won’t you open your heart,
    And let God’s Grace in?

    And don’t let men rob you,
    Of our Father’s great plan;
    To bring ALL men to Him,
    Through the death of One Man!

    When you lay down tonight,
    Please give God His place;
    To surround you in love,
    And immerse you in Grace!

    © 2001 – D. E. Mills
    Reproduction is permitted for non-commercial use only.

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